Work Matters


It’s time to bless marketplace men and women as they fulfill their callings in the workplace.

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For several decades now there has been a schism that has plagued working men and women as they go about their business.  The schism or misperception is that what working people do is second class to the people who are doing the work of full time ministry.

Now Jesus was a carpenter.  God worked to create the earth. And what else must we say to nullify this lie about the holy calling of a working man or woman?  Take heart and understand with renewed zeal and passion that there is a reason you love to work.  You may love crunching numbers. Others of you love to work with your hands as mechanics. Many of you love to put deals together and develop property or invest in startups.  Great!  There is a way that every man and woman working in their place of assignment can bring glory to God, and we ought to.  It comes when we embrace our callings and shed the guilt when there is none to be had.

Today take a few minutes to remember what it is that makes you tick.  What it is that may have attracted you to your career choice. And if you simply have joy over putting money in the bank and food on the table, then rejoice in the fact you are providing with the work of your hands and mind.

Enjoy your work.