Which Way is Forward?


Find Your Why Forward –  When you decide to press through the hard questions, you will find yourself coming to a place to understand your own way.

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Do you have nagging questions in your mind that continually ask “Why? Why not?  Why me?  Why not me?  Why them?”

Interestingly enough, we all have time when the questions like these tend to hold us back.  We can try to ignore the question or we can go the other direction and become obsessed with the questions.  Neither of these approaches helps us settle the issues.

I find that the recurring questions are a signal that it is time to do some serious processing.  For some, processing is done by journaling.  For others it is a talk with a good friend.  Sorting through the questions to navigate forward is important because it is at this very point where you can either move forward to find your way or stay back at your Why.  Breaking this barrier is what I call Finding Your Why Forward.  Your barrier then becomes your doorway.  This is your break when you will see hope and expectation beginning to rise over your life like the noonday sun.

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