Vision Fulfilled – Faith Required

You will never fulfill your vision sitting on a couch!¬† There’s a time to pray and plan but then there is a time to step out in faith!

Revelation 1:6 says, “I’ve made you kings and priests to our God”.¬† You are a priest in the marketplace.

1) Step into the river as¬†a priest – Where do you need to step out?¬† Joshua 3:13 tells the story of Israelite priests who crossed the Jordan river carrying the¬†Ark of the Covenant.¬† Wherever the soles of the priests rested is where¬†God parted the water.¬† How do you rest in a raging river?¬† Through having confidence in God!¬†¬†We don’t wait for the river to be calm before we step out.

2) Carry the presence of the Lord –¬†Watch what the Lord does when His priests carry out His vision!¬† When we walk in our priestly anointing to bring God’s vision forth, miracles happen.

3) Face the raging river – What is your raging river?¬† Financial issues, besetting sins, dreams so big that you cannot see yourself doing them?¬† Any vision worth having will test you to your core!¬† It’s going to require faith and action.

4) Watch God work – ¬†“After having¬†done all, to stand.” Ephesians 6:13. ¬† Watch God work in your situation and sphere of influence.