Glory Day: The Sprouting of Seeds

When you plant ideas, businesses, relationships, dreams, and goals you would like to see an immediate result.  The planting however is the initial step in a process which does not bring immediate visible evidence of the seed planted.  When I was a child, My Mom would fill a baking pan from the kitchen with potting soil each spring Рand then we would plant seeds to start a crop to transplant to our flower garden. Her enthusiasm was infectious and each morning I anticipated the seeds popping up above the soil. Day one, nothing.  Day two, nothing, Day three, disappointment set in. Day four, wondering if those seeds will ever sprout.

Day five… Glory! A crop of zinnias popped up from the soil shucking the shell of the seed and displaying a small stem and budding leaf of life! The wait to a small child seemed like forever; the springing up of a crop brought such great happiness and set us on to transplanting the baby plants¬†into the flower beds as soon as they were strong enough.

Often our efforts in work and life give no sign of being alive, no evidence that our work was received into a fertile soil, no hope evident to the eye of life ever springing up from the planted seed. We work hard to plant the seed and we become disillusioned when no sprout above the soil emerges.

Today, remember that the seeds you have planted are not dead. They are in process. I believe that many who have labored hard to plant businesses, start ventures, or begin a work will see remarkable growth in this season  Рjust like Day Five when the Glory crop of zinnias popped up.  I celebrate your hard work and your planting of many seeds and we watch now for your crop to spring up!