Steady in the Small Things

It is steadiness in the small things where a profound and lasting effect may be found. There are three simple, yet profound, things you can do every day to remain steady in the small things.

1. Reach up to God in prayer

2. Reach up to someone who can speak into your vision

3. Reach over or down to someone you can bring along

We can see these exemplified in the life of the prophet Daniel. Though not a king, he rose to great prominence and power by being steady in these three small things.

First, Daniel reached up in prayer daily. In fact he prayed at set times several times every day without fail.

Second, Daniel reached up to influential people by using his God given gifts and opportunities. When Daniel stood before kings, they recognized that he had been given the gifts to interpret visions and dreams. Because of his faithfulness to both God and the kings, he was raised to positions of great prominence under four rulers and two distinct kingdoms.

Third, Daniel reached over to three of his prayer buddies:  Shadrack, Meshack, and Abednego. These were men who shared with him in his daily practice of reaching up. They tracked and rose together under very difficult circumstances.

It is very simple: To be steady in the small things, take these three simple, yet profound actions in every circumstance.

Practice them in three kinds of surroundings:

1. Comfortable surroundings: where your faith and practice is shared. Daniels home and friends were such surroundings for him.

2. Uncomfortable surroundings: Where your faith and practice may not be shared. For Daniel this was when he and his friends were given special food, clothing and education. An example for you may be while traveling or in unfamiliar or foreign surroundings.

3. Hostile surroundings: Places which may oppose your faith and practice: For Daniel Babylon was such a surrounding. For you it may be a hostile work environment, or a hostile country in which your work is done.

Be steady in these small, profound things despite your surroundings and you will certainly move steadily toward your goals.

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