Stay in the Conversation

Have you had the distressing experience of noticing that a person you are talking to has mentally left the conversation? They may still be sitting across the table from you, but their mind has gone somewhere else. 
Managing distractions is a challenge for most busy people. We are bombarded by unfinished tasks, social media, constant access provided by our technology, and our busy lives. Increased effort is required if we are going to engage directly with another individual and stay in the conversation.
The benefits of engaging in a conversation actively are many. Here are my top three reasons to engage:
  1. Honor – To give focused attention to the person across the table is to offer honor. Our time and focus speaks volumes to the other individual about how we value them and what they are saying.
  2. Building Relationship – When we honor others, we increase the credibility and warmth of the relationship. No one wants to be just another number. In our distracted and fragmented society, relationship, true relationship is becoming a rare commodity.
  3. Active Learning – We can all learn from another individual when we resist the urge to plan our next statement and decide to hear and learn from the one in front of us.
Try staying in the conversation in a focused way.  Learn greater honor, deeper relationship, and the joy of active learning.