Reality Check

Is it time to do a reality check on your perception of your status on goals and ambitions? Here’s the reason I pose the question:

I have noticed about this time of year that when my clients get trapped in negativity over a disappointment or project that hasn’t gone well, they are tempted to let the bad experience affect their view of the rest of the year in a disproportionate manner.  

How to Do a Reality Check:
Identify the area you are concerned about. 

     1.  Get some real data, some clear information on what is going on with your project. Remember, information is power. 

     2. Invite an objective voice into the conversation and look at the real facts.

     3. Evaluate the project against your original goal.

     4. Determine the gap between where you are and where you hoped to be by this time of the year.

     5.  Make a decision to revive the project, scrap it, or make an adjustment to determine a new set of expected outcomes. 

What are the benefits of engaging in a Reality Check?

This simple process will unload the pressure you have been enduring from not recognizing the truth about the project.  It will also free up a fair amount of mental bandwidth you didn’t realize was locked up in the project so that you can concentrate on your other projects as well for a strong finish this year.

This week I will be sharing with you some other tools to help you move forward for a strong finish. Watch for a special announcement!