More Than a Good Idea:

The 3 phases required for taking a good idea from concept to reality REQUIRE the right help.  The stages are:

Ideation . Creation . Innovation                  HELP ME WITH MY GOOD IDEA

Ideation¬†– A good idea occurs in the¬†Ideation¬†phase of the process. The word “ideate” is a verb meaning to form an idea of,¬†to imagine, to conceive. It is the first step in the process of Innovation. Many ideas do not become reality because they remain merely ideas. Entrepreneurs love to talk about ideas, yet they realize that¬†not all ideas will turn into tangible products or solutions.

Creation РIdeas which progress to the next step of the process enter the phase of creation where plans are explored to move the idea from concept to a prototype.

Innovation –¬†The action or process of innovating is called by many synonyms including: ¬†change, alteration, upheaval, metamorphosis, breakthrough. My personal favorite synonym for¬†Innovation¬†is “Transformation” calling to mind a¬†before and after picture of need to a solution.

Think for a moment about a problem you are driven to solve. What “good¬†idea” do you have which¬†you are passionate to implement through the laborious process to become reality? ¬†Save yourself some time and money by taking a quick lesson¬†from a cupbearer of old to¬†move your idea to the next level.

Nehemiah implemented an incredible innovative plan to rebuild a wall. The idea he chose to implement was one that began with a burden that caused him to weep over a broken wall in his homeland. He was so distraught that his boss noticed his sad face and inquired about it. When Nehemiah had the opportunity of a lifetime he was ready. He had processed his ideas and asked God for a successful plan.

He gave attention to:
1.  Clearly identify the problem
2.  Form a plan for the solution with a timeline
3.  List the resources and supplies required to implement the plan.

When Nehemiah laid his plan out before his future¬†investor, the King, he got a green light on everything he requested. It all began with the question, “What do you request?” (Nehemiah 2:4) ¬†Because Nehemiah was prepared beyond a “good idea” and ready to implement the plan, he was met with success. ¬†Do you have your plan put together so that you are ready to present it to your future investor?

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