Meeting with Your CEO

How hard is it to get on the calendar for a meeting with your CEO?

I want to suggest it is not as difficult as you think, once you acknowledge the fact that your CEO is God Almighty.  So the Creator of the universe, the One who gave you this assignment, is One who will meet with you, regularly.

There was a time when the only One I could meet with was actually God Himself.  So I made a habit of opening my laptop, beginning an email with the subject line:  “Meeting with CEO” and I emailed it to myself for the notes of a conversation with the Lord about my work.   I found this to be the most energizing meeting, full of direction about which clients to call, what projects to focus on, and how to strategize my work for the week.

So maybe this sounds a little strange, but why don’t you try it?  You see the Bible talks about loving God and loving others.  In this meeting, I am able to express my love and respect to God for giving me work to do.  I love this partnership beyond all others.

I love working with others as well because we are intended to work in community.  The way we learn from each other in a work group or coaching group is invigorating to the whole group.  We get ideas to help us overcome obstacles.  Seeing others succeed encourages us that we too can succeed, and we do, when we work together.  To try a mastermind group,  just subscribe here risk free: