How To Attract Resources

A clearly stated vision is attractive!  When you share your vision with others you will begin to attract the resources required to make it happen.  You must be compelled by it for it to compel others!  Write it down and believe in it.

Tips for writing a clear vision:

  1. Address the need (and want) that you are going to solve.
  2. Consider, “Who else is doing this?  Who else is in the market?”
  3. Ask yourself, “Why should I do this now?”
  4. Don’t wait until you have the resources.  Aka: If you need a team, describe your ideal team.  Ask yourself who they will be and what you need.
  5. Document your credentials – know why are you qualified to do this!
  6. Have a financial plan – get your data together so you can communicate your financial needs to others.
  7. Ask God, “Show me Your strategy!”

If we know the vision we can attract the resources we need to do great things.  Daniel 11:32b – “People who know their God will go forth and do great exploits.”