How Far Can You See?


Habakkuk 2:1- “I will stand my watch … to see what He will say to me.”

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Do you ever wish you had a pair of binoculars that would help you see in the distance?  With the rate of change increasing and so many uncertainties across the globe, we often wish for a greater perspective.


The perspective we yearn for is available to us although it may not be found in The Wall Street Journal or on CNN.  Rather we must look higher.


The story of Habakkuk reveals one who went to God with questions seeking perspective for current affairs. We read in the book of Habakkuk about a man who inquired of God about the troubling affairs of his country and then he even stayed in the dialog when the news was not what he wanted to hear. Habakkuk was a man who waited to see what God had to say.  How long has it been since you and I went to God and decided to stand our watch, even pull an “all nighter” to see what God would bring to light about our situations?


For perspective that counts, let’s go to the ultimate Authority.

How will you stand your watch?