IMPACT FOCUS MTG – Ministry Option

You are invited to a Very Important Meeting! Weekly check points work wonders for increasing your productivity. ¬†So make a decision to check in with a LIVE weekly group meeting every¬†Wednesday morning. (I’ll send you the video afterwards for a refresher!) IMPACT FOCUS MEETING – In this shot of inspiration and training ¬†you will engage with cutting edge training and the tips¬†you need to stay motivated and on track with your plan. ¬†Your benefits include:

  1. Weekly 7 Minute LIVE Focus Meeting (by phone, ipad, internet, or computer)
  2. PDF Worksheet
  3. Video

Here’s how to get started: $77 Annual subscription: ¬†Click the Buy Now below and you will be billed $77 one time for a whole¬†year of IMPACT FOCUS Meetings.

  OR if you prefer to be billed $7 a month, click the Subscribe button below:

The main thing is to get started! Coaching You to Greater IMPACT, Linda Fields