First Hour of the Day

Focus:  Tips for a Successful Start to the Day.

What is the first thing on your mind when you wake up? Do you grab your phone? your coffee? your calendar?

Most successful leaders begin the day with an intentional time of getting your head on straight before you face the endless string of texts, emails, and calls. It takes a fierce determination to cordon off a personal time to set the course of your day. But it is worth the effort.

Try this:  Make your list, organize your projects and important papers or technology items, and lay out a clean shirt or jacket the night before… so that you can begin your day in a more intentional manner. The tyranny of the urgent will always claw at the door of the day, BUT… you can set your course in a way that prepares you to better handle what comes good, bad, or ugly. Your frame of mind is worth ‘setting’ in place so that you determine how to approach what the work day will bring.

Try this tip on Monday and if it works, use it all week long.
You either set your course or have it set for you. What sounds better?