Do you know your “why”?

I find many leaders lose touch with their why, so I put together this brief teaching to help you reconnect to your vision if that happens to be you. ¬†Think of the word “WHY” and begin to consider your vision, the ideas and dreams that you have.

W РWhet your appetite by envisioning the changes your product or work or vision brings to the table.  Think of a customer whose life has been helped, made better, or radically transformed because of your work.  Get a picture in your mind of the one you are working to IMPACT by executing your vision.

H РHighlight ONE thing that you can work on today that will move you forward into your vision. What ONE thing can you do that will unblock your progress, overcome a stalemate, move you forward.  Identify the ONE thing you can do today.

Y РYES!  Say yes with your heart, your mind, and your hands and feet.  Go do the ONE thing you know to do and watch what happens next.