Are you Stuck in Gridlock?

Have you ever been driving on a highway looking forward to arriving at your destination in plenty of time when suddenly, all traffic comes to a complete stop? When traffic remains stopped, you probably start looking for an alternate route or even begin to craft your own short cut, but you are blocked in. There is no way to move forward. The emotions of frustration and disappointment rise up.

Gridlock occurs when you come to a complete standstill because of the related traffic patterns which bring traffic to a stop. The number of cars on the road, the flow of the cars, the direction the cars are going have maxed out the capacity of the traffic flow and brought the progress to a halt.

We can apply the term gridlock to our life projects and vision at a standstill, the term gridlock may also apply. Too many vehicles may be on your ‘highway’ of life and work. You are a traffic planner and traffic controller when it comes to your own life and you can resolve the stalemate. Consider for a moment the project or desire you see has come to a standstill and ask these questions:

1. What are my top 3 priorities?

2. How am I applying my time to these 3 priorities?

3. What is causing gridlock by consuming my time and focus preventing me from fulfilling my priorities?

You are in the driver’s seat of your life. Ask a wise counselor how to truly prioritize your top 3 areas of emphasis and re-align your time and energy. Identify the areas you should not be focused on at this time because they are not in your top 3. Find an off-ramp for these vehicles by stepping out of assignments and commitments that are taking your energy from your top priorities. This may be uncomfortable, but it is necessary to be able to act as the Traffic Controller in order to fulfill your destiny and unlock gridlock.

Get your life moving in the direction of progress your desire to make.