Accountability: Who Cares anyway?

Why do people sign up for diet classes or exercise programs? Why do leaders and their mentors collaborate on the achievement of goals? It seems to me that the common theme here is accountability.

There is wisdom in not only holding yourself accountable, but in wrapping additional support into your life by establishing relationships with people who will be close enough to ask the tough questions, like:

“How’s your exercise program going?””

“Should you really be eating cheesecake two days in a row?”

“Have you taken those steps to advance your skills or career?”

“Did you complete your project early like you planned?”

What would give someone the right to ask you these types of questions? Only a relationship where the mutual agreement has been made in advance to hold each other accountable can stand this level of supportive questioning. Even though many people appear to avoid accountability, I believe that most crave some type of genuine feedback on how they’re doing.

I have an exercise routine where I check in and have regular feedback on how I’m doing. Since that time, I’ve lost weight and even developed biceps; who would’ve thought?! My assistant at the office sits down with me each week to review our projects. We have completed seven major undertakings this year and the productivity of our department has increased. In my personal life, I value on-going dialog with a few close friends who know my goals and aspirations and spur me on to the next level.

I have the privilege of serving as a mentor and coach to my clients. Encouraging these individuals to pursue their life and career goals and passions and watching them step into their destinies is extremely rewarding to me as a Coach.  Whether they are opening businesses, learning to give a dynamite presentation, managing change, or building a team, it brings me great satisfaction to see them fulfill their God-given callings and run in their power alley.

Take a look at your life and see if you’re getting where you intended to be by this time. This might just be a great time to develop an accountability relationship to advance you to the next level.

And by the way, all that stuff you’ve been learning the hard way, teach it to someone else and make their trip a little easier. Show them you care enough to invest in their future.

“Good leaders cultivate honest speech; They love advisors who tell them the truth.”” Proverbs 16:13 The Message