7 Ways to Say “Thank You”

How can two little words like “Thank You” alter the course of your business? Does it really matter that you take the extra time in your busy life to say “Thank You” or are we past that? Is there a right way or a wrong way to say “Thank You”?

Expressing appreciation is a quality that will never be outdated in business because you are doing business with real people.

Although many practices come and go, the simple yet powerful words “Thank You” are always welcome. ¬†Here are 7 ways to say “Thank You.”

1.  Be Sincere Р Add a personal comment when thanking your customer that shows them they are not just a number.  Mention something specific that shows them you were listening and took note of their needs.

2. ¬†Use the Customer’s Name Correctly – Get the spelling right and be sure to use the appropriate title for your business situation.

3. ¬†Consider a Handwritten Note- Yes, after the cave man days where messages were chisled in stone, people would take a writing instrument and actually pen a personal note on real paper. ūüôā ¬†Try it, and then mail it!

4. ¬†A Thank you Call – Pick up the phone and call your client simply to say “Thanks”. ¬†Calling a client when you don’t have anything to sell and no questions to ask, but a purely call of appreciation will endear you to your client and communicate your authentic appreciation.

5. ¬†Email ok? – Yes email expressions of gratitude are ok although not my favorite because inboxes are already over loaded. ¬†I highly recommend that you personalize the message to set it apart from all the other competing messages. ¬†A clever subject line like “Just a Quick Note of Thanks” will up your chances of having the message read.

6.  $5 Gift Cards РAt special times of the year say Thanks with a small gift card to set your self apart.  The monetary value can be equal to a latte with a personal note to accompany your token of appreciation.

7.  Promote Your Client or Friend Publicly РA public referral thanking your associate is a nice way to not only express your thanks but increase their visibility with appropriate target audiences. Tweet or Post your Thanks with a personal comment.

A message of gratitude that is offered genuinely and tastefully will invoke a powerful response and build relational equity with your clients. ¬†Business is about dealing with people. Take time to relate with your clients in these 7 ways and enjoy the ripple effect of saying “Thank You.”