6 Steps to Dreaming Again

Can you describe what success looks like for your life and business? Can you see it so clearly that you know what it is and what it is not? ¬†Would you recognize success if it apprehended you? ¬†… or would you still be searching, meandering, wandering about because you have become accustomed to something short of success which is now “business as usual”?¬†¬† Do ¬†you ¬†need to clarify your vision?

When your desired goal has eluded you, it is time to dream of success again because delay clouds your vision.

Let’s do some blue sky dreaming together today. Get out your note-taking device. Even a napkin will do. Take¬†a few seconds and clear your mind. Refuse to go down the road of “But the last time I set my goals and dared to dream this happened.” Let the past go. Allow yourself the freedom to dream again. Forgive yourself, forgive others, let go…

Start fresh. Today you get a blank slate. Just D R E A M…

Assume you are going¬†strong in your calling, dreams, and goals. And it’s working!
1. What are you doing?
2. Where are you?
3. Who are you working with?
4. What is happening?
5. Who are you helping?
6. What changes are made in the lives of those you are helping?

Develop your answers to these questions. There is power in dreaming again because things come into focus allowing you to breathe in and out again. There is great power in getting clear about your dreams.

Now tell somebody you trust about your dreams.
This is your new year, your 2015 and it is worth dreaming about.
Your life is worth dreaming about.

And your dreams are worth pursuing.