5 Reasons You Need an Inner Circle

Your Inner Circle is comprised of people who have made their way into a special space in your life. Some you invited in, some stumbled in, and others came to the place because you were somehow thrown together in life and work experiences.

It’s not important how people come to your Inner circle; it is imperative that you have a few trustworthy people in your Inner Circle because without it your success will suffer. ¬†Here are five reasons you need an Inner Circle:

1.  THE POWER OF BELIEF: You need people who know you, know your strengths, understand your dreams, get your fears, and still believe in you.

2. MEANINGFUL CONVERSATIONS: You need the conversation that comes from those in your Inner Circle to keep you sane, motivated, connected. There are times when your circumstances will threaten your belief. Talking with someone in your Inner Circle will remind you of the things that matter and who you really are. We all desire to know and be known.

3. ¬†VISIONARY LOVE: The friend in your Inner Circle who knows your dreams even when you have forgotten them will be the voice of visionary love. “What about the book you want to write?” “What about the trip you are going to take?” “What about…?” will restore hope and vision coming from a trusted friend.

4. ¬†TOUGH TALK: Equally as important as visionary love is the tough talking friend who is unafraid to ask the hard questions. This sounds something like, “Why haven’t you learned Spanish yet?” “What is keeping you from launching your idea?” “Are you going to let something like that¬†keep you back?!” The voice of reality snaps you back to the place where you need to be so you can re-engage in your plan.

5.  COMBATING LONELINESS:  Loneliness is a documented problem for many professionals for several reasons. Often it is lonely to be a leader because everyone wants something from you.  True friendship without an agenda attached becomes more difficult as you rise in leadership. There are many other factors that play into loneliness, but suffice it to say engaging with an Inner Circle provides authentic community which causes the heart to thrive.

Think about those you have in your Inner Circle and intentionally update them this week. Consider inviting someone new to your Inner Circle. Consider how you will contribute to the success of another by relating authentically for their success and development.

I encourage you to come to professional development events with others in your circle and grow together. The bonding that occurs when you do things together has the opportunity to solidify relationships on a new level. We can all go further when strategically connected in relationships to others than we ever will go alone.