4 Advantages of a Mastermind Group

One of my most requested services from clients is the ability to access coaching groups.  I love working with a team in my corporate learning and consulting because it is invigorating to team up with others wanting to get results. By the time an individual joins a Mastermind Group, they are usually ready to get off dead center and welcome dialog from others. There are many benefits to joining a mastermind group.  Here are my top 4 reasons for working in a group.

1. ¬†Share the Load. ¬†One place most individuals get bogged down when pursuing their goals is working alone. Or perhaps they are talking to people who have developed over-familiarity with the project or goal. ¬†One of the refreshing aspects of a mastermind group is that although people are pursuing their own goals, everyone wants to make progress… and that is contagious. ¬†Knowing that you are going to be participating in a regular conversation with others motivates you to do something so you can report and share the joy of taking a step toward your goal.

2. ¬†Fresh perspectives. ¬†When you come into a mastermind meeting, one of my favorite benefits is the various perspectives brought to the table from the other members. A solution may be very obvious to others when it was right under your nose all along. ¬†Fresh vision helps all the members when different views are expressed. You don’t take all the suggestions that come but hearing a variety of approaches often frames a path forward that becomes apparent as you share ideas.

3. Resources.  Everyone in your group will have access to a different skillset and network of people. I’ve often found that when I ask for help in my mastermind groups, these resources help me make progress in ways I never could by myself.

4. Accountability. ¬†Fellow group members hold each other accountable to goals each one has set for their participation in the mastermind group. ¬†And when things haven’t gone as expected, the group ground rules allow for forgiveness and encouragement.

Are you ready to make progress?  I would be honored to see you join a group to move yourself forward.

It’s time.