3 Steps to “Stand Out” in the Marketplace

How can you stand out above the crowd? Begin with a decision to become a shining example in three arenas of your professional presence.

  1.  Speak Up – You know the drill when someone is first to speak, loud to draw attention to self, and slow to action? Don’t be that guy.  Choose your suggestions carefully. Be sure you are good for it before you speak up. After you have counted the cost, verify that you are willing to visibly support your idea, then and only then, Speak Up with confidence to bring an idea to the table.
  2. Stand Up – and be counted for one who not only has ideas of grandeur, but stands up to accomplish the very thing you have championed. Most teams are ready to see the visionary put feet to plans. Be ready for the shock value  among your team of being the one who actually delivers on your great idea, then carry it out with consistency.
  3.  Shine ON – by applauding the teamwork and success of those who have come along side to implement the ideas from your “Stand Out” experience. Identify quick wins and opportunities to leverage the improvements that have resulted. Don’t be a glory hog; share the spotlight and enjoy the contagious effect of learning the 3 Steps to Stand Out experiences in the marketplace.