3 Secrets to Gaining Traction in Plans and Goals

You know the importance of goals for your life and business. Yet, because of failure to gain traction in your goals in the past or by lack of a clear way forward, you encounter fear when you approach establishing new goals for 2016. The painful anticipation of another cycle of setting and failing to achieve goals may make you hesitate in fear of repeating this failure and a lack of a clear way forward.

Have no fear. This year will be different! By applying the three secrets, you will get traction in your goals and plans for making a difference in 2016.

  1. Seek A Higher Authority

Seek Divine Authority: When you have a vision to accomplish you need authority.  Consider two types of authority for helping you accomplish your vision.

The first higher authority to seek is divine authority.  Go directly to The Architect of all your plans and hopes. He cares about your work and has put it in your heart to do it.

Daniel is our example of someone who was faithful in regularly seeking and honoring divine authority. In Daniel 9:20-23 we find Daniel in prayer at the time of the evening offering. Although the temple had been destroyed, it seems he continued to pray at the set times designated for the morning and evening sacrifices (9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.) This would likely put Daniel’s prayer in the middle of the afternoon.

In the middle of the great demands of his own duties, prayer took priority in Daniel’s day; during what many of us might consider peak production time. He took this important time to engage divine authority as he pondered the things foremost on his heart.

Notice he started by confessing his shortcomings and the shortcomings of those around him. By this he aligned his heart with God’s heart. Not stopping there, he engaged in asking for a way forward toward a promise already given. You can ask God for wisdom: for practical solutions for your life and your business. At those moments when you need clarity to share your vision with those whose partnerships you need, you can ask God for the understanding of how what you are doing fits into his divine plan and the skill to share it.¬†(Da 9:22 KJV)

Action: Seek the higher authority of God by establishing a set time to pray.

Seek A Person In Authority

Often we need assistance or cooperation from another individual or layer of authority. This may be your manager, boss, investor, or board member. Someone with the specific authority and influence you need to gain traction in a specific area to move your vision forward.

Caleb is a great example of seeking human authority to gain a long held vision. Caleb engages his chain of command as he approaches Joshua and makes his request to receive the land Moses had promised forty-five years earlier. (Joshua 14:8-12)

Caleb had been faithful to engage in every battle to take the promised land for the people of Israel. Yet, he had not received his own inheritance. He did not despair. He did not complain. He went to someone who had the authority to give his vision traction and asked him to use his authority.

Action: Go to any man or woman who may have authority over the success of your vision or some element of your vision and ask specifically for what you need.

  1. Ask for Skill to Understand

At the moment Daniel prayed¬†(Da 9:21) he received his request by way of an angelic messenger dispatched to provide insight and understanding. Gabriel imparted skill to Daniel in order to gain understanding¬†(Da 9:22, 23) and traction as he moved toward God’s promised vision. The skill involved the engagement of Daniels intellect in reviewing the vision and then, through imparted skill, to understand its practical meaning.

Daniel gained this skill to understand through established times of prayer.  So, do as Daniel did: regularly ask God to dispatch the skill, wisdom, and understanding you need to gain traction toward establishing and achieving your goals and plans.

  1. Train for Strength

Every endeavor requires physical, spiritual, and relational strength. Caleb had battled long and hard toward achieving his vision of an inheritance. Yet, the strength he needed to fight the final battles for possession of his vision remained. His desire had not abated by the struggle to posses the promised made him.

Physical Strength: At the age of 85 he had strength for going out and for coming in, a Hebrew idiom for his being able to start and finish what he started. (Josh 14:8-11) This tells us two things.  First, every day, Joshua did what needed to doing each day to move him closer to bringing his promise to reality.

For you that means you have to be consistent in doing the things you know to do. What you have received by asking the higher authorities and the skill of understanding you have gained through prayer needs to be acted on in very practical ways in your daily walk. Through the consistent and steady work of prayer followed by faithfulness in daily tasks you will gain traction. This is spiritual strength.

Second, he endured over the long haul. Not only did he not give up, he maintained his strength.¬†Both physical and spiritual strength are required for the kind of traction that leads to results. Be proactive in prayer, knowing God’s word, and engaging in physical exercise. This will place you in a¬†position¬†of strength to finish what you have started.¬†Be proactive to establish and maintain the physical strength required for you to gain traction and achieve your goals and plans for 2016.

Caleb did not fight his battles alone and neither should you. Surround yourself with the people who will help you gain traction toward your vision. It has been said that you are the average of your five closest relationships. Choose wisely and you will raise your average!

To summarize, like Caleb, train your body for war – maintain the physical strength necessary to endure to the end. Having asked for what was promised, he made a plan to achieve it and remained in relationships with people who wanted to help him gain traction.

Caleb’s was a long battle won in a series of small skirmishes. Consider developing a three-year plan for yourself with a theme for each year. Break that plan into smaller 90 day chunks.

Take action today by engaging the battles today which will give you traction toward the vision you have for tomorrow. You are on a journey worth going on, worth fighting for and worth everything you’ve got in terms of physical strength and discipline.

Get Traction

Where do you need to begin to gain traction in 2016? What divine authority do you need from God? What person do you need to invite to coffee? What will be your established prayer time? What skills do you need? What understanding do you need? Where do you need to strengthen your body, process, spirit, or plan? Whom are you running with?

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